Why Women Like Big Biceps ?   

Generally men are proud about their broad shoulders, firm chest and well shaped biceps. If these three are well maintained, a man is truly happy that he has achieved his life’s ambition.

As arms are the most exposed part of the body, they would like to concentrate more on the muscles in this area. That is one of the reasons that men spend more time lifting barbells and working on the machines.

Men desire to have nice and well stocked arms to make them look attractive to women. They also feel more confident in approaching women fully knowing that they have the stuff what women are looking for.   

Biceps is the only muscle of the male body which has acquired nicknames such as ‘Guns’, ‘Pythons’, and ‘Thunder and Lightning’. It is immaterial what kind of a person he is. A person could be thin, fat, or even ugly. Everybody, given a chance, would like to grow biceps and display them to attract the girls.  

Opposite poles attract each other. It is quite natural that the female will look for something in the male what she is lacking. Between the two sexes, the female represents the weaker sex. Male is generally stronger tan the female. Male is built hat way. The man can lift heavier objects; he can run faster, he can throw farther and he can jump higher.

Basically he has more strength and he is provided with the male hormones to assist him in acquiring more strength with proper weight training. In no sport which involves physical activity female simply does not have a chance to out beat the male. Since woman lacks physical strength, this is one area she wants her partner to have. Biceps and physical strength go together.

Men are attracted to women with big breasts and a nice figure to go with it, as this is something they cannot develop with any amount of workouts in the gym. Same way women are attracted to men who have developed large biceps which is not possible for women.

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