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Most students do not give any importance to for health insurance and out of all the things that they need to pay for as a student this is the last thing on their mind. However, it is important to realize that not having an insurance plan is the highest financial risk that anyone could take.

A simple injury could cost thousands of dollars and nobody is invincible form dangers.

Most students would need an individual health insurance plan that would take care of some basics like hospitalization, out patient visits and medications. A person can choose a student insurance only if they are under the age of 30. Also, students should go for insurance coverage plans if they are no longer covered under their parent’s insurance plan. Most health plans cover children under the family health plan only until they are the age of 23 or less.

Many colleges do offer insurance coverage but most of them do not fit the student’s needs. They are extremely basic and do not prepare the student for complete health care. The best student health insurance plan would not be very restrictive and gives the student the flexibility to choose their deductible and also the doctors. For a student, a fixed network of doctors will not benefit because if they change their college, then they would be stuck with more expenses. They should have a flexible program that allows them to visit any doctor they want. Also, by choosing a high deductible the student can get coverage up to $100,000 if they feel it is a necessity.

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Best Student Health Insurance




Health Insurance :

Full-Time-Student-And-Health-Insurance      Full time students can continue to be on their parent’s medical insurance coverage as long as they prove that they are dependant on their parents and are also full time students. Many insurance companies allow the kids to be on their parents insurance as full time students. Other wise the regular rule followed is once the child reaches the age of 22, he or she is taken of their parents plan. The only exception to this rule is applied to the students. More..




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