Health Risks Of Using Creatine Supplements

Health Risks Of Using Creatine Supplements

Any supplement that is taken is associated with certain amount of risks, whether we like it or not. That way creatine supplement is no different.

Creatine supplement producers would like to emphasize the benefits of its usage and what it can do towards improving energy levels and endurance in athletes and towards building muscles in weight lifters. They would like to increase its consumption and in turn make huge profits. They try to utilize all forms of the advertisement media to achieve their goal.

At the same time the media loves to report on the health risks of using creatine supplements. If there is a hint of a medical problem in an athlete and remotely connected with creatine, then the media jumps all over the story. If latter is found, that creatine was no way responsible for the problem, the media are no more interested in the story.  

Whatever problems observed so far and directly associated with creatine are based on short term studies only. Long term studies have not yet been completed. Hence, nothing much can be said about its long term health risks. It is not possible to say that there are no potential dangers.

Potential danger area is kidney and liver. However, the risks are overstated. creatine supplement intake will increase the level of creatinine, a waste product of creatine metabolism within the body. Kidneys need to work harder to remove this. There is a need to increase the water intake and help the body to remove extra creatine.

There is also a fear that the creatine supplement taken for long periods can make the body lose its ability to synthesize from amino acids. This fear is unfounded. The athletes who take the supplement regularly follow a cycle of its usage. A period of non usage of the supplement is included for the body to respond and synthesize creatine internally from amino acids.

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Health Risks Of Using Creatine Supplements