How To Plant Basil In Pots ?

How To Plant Basil In Pots ?

Basil is an herb which has various uses in medicine, cooking and as flavoring agent. It is best used when fresh. This is grown mostly in tropical weather. It can be used as an ornamental or culinary plant and kept either indoors or outdoor.

Basil can be planted in pots to avoid chances of getting infected by fungal diseases in ground soil. Such potted plants need pruning and harvesting regularly for a good supply of fresh leave sand better growth.

Follow the below mentioned steps for planting basil in pots:

  • Choose a pot of the required size with holes in its base for drainage. The diameter of the pot should be around 15.5 inches, while the depth should around 12 inches deep to ensure a large harvest.
  • Clean the pot from within with some drops of bleach diluted in water to kill harmful bacteria. Then rinse it well with clean water.
  • Fill the pot with fresh, high quality potting soil. However, make sure that you stop filling around one inch from the rim of the pot.
  • The seeds can be sown with a spacing of 1 to 6 inches. For easier sowing, place basil seeds in one palm and rub with the other palm to evenly distribute them all over. Cover them with quarter inch thick layer of soil and moisten the soil by watering.
  • Place the pot out in the sun. It can also be placed in a sunny corner indoors.
  • New sprout from the seeds starts to appear within fourteen days. Water the sprout regularly not allowing the soil in the pot to go dry, especially in dry weather.

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How To Plant Basil In Pots