Homeopathy For Hemorrhoids  

Homeopathy is a form of complementary and alternative medicine developed in the 18th century by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. Homeopathy is based on the principle that human body has an inbuilt system to cure itself from all the ailments.

According to homeopathy, diseases primarily occur when there is a lack of coordination between the body, mind and emotional state of a person. Homeopathy has gentle and safe solutions for every prominent disease occurring in humans.

One such important and painful disease that can cause huge discomfort in humans is “Hemorrhoids” or “Piles”. Hemorrhoids are swollen and troublesome varicose veins in the rectal and anal region. Symptoms of this disease include anal itching, intense pain in the anal region, presence of blood in the stools, pain during bowel movements and presence of one or more hard tender lumps near the anus.

Various types of homeopathic medications are available for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Aesculus hippocastanum: This remedy is prescribed for treating hemorrhoids that are sore and itching. Patients experience a pricking sensation inside the rectum with sharp pain in the rectum and lower back.

Aloe: This medicine is prescribed when the hemorrhoids are excessively swollen and protrude out in the form of bunch of grapes.

Arnica Montana: This medication is used in case of painful hemorrhoids that have developed during the time of pregnancy and child birth.

Calcarea fluorica: This remedy is used when the external hemorrhoids are painful and cause bleeding in the anal region. This can also be prescribed for internal hemorrhoids that cause pain in the rectum and lower back. Calcarea is used in patients where hemorrhoids developed due to constipation.

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Homeopathy For Hemorrhoids




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