Vitamin B12 And The Sex Organs

Vitamin B12 And The Sex Organs

Vitamin B12 a water soluble vitamin is part of the B group of vitamins. The vitamin prevents iron deficiency and helps in the metabolism of fats. It is particularly important in women where it has a strong role in maintaining their good health and well being.

It has even more benefits to pregnant women and lactating mothers.

The vitamin is of special benefit to women suffering from endometriosis, when they undergo their menstrual cycle. Levels of B12 drop resulting in an impaired ability to produce red blood cells which in turn lowers the levels of iron becoming a potential risk for anemia.

Vitamin B12 counteracts fatigue and insomnia by metabolism of carbohydrates which in turn sustain high levels of energy.

The B group of vitamins along with other vitamins is largely contributory to a satisfactory sex life in both men and women. It is a powerful mood stimulant and aid in ensuring a good supply of iron- rich blood essential to successful sex.

Vitamin B12 in isolation plays no apparent role in the formation of sex organs. However as part of the B group it actively promotes a vigorous libido. Vitamin B12 has an action on the nerves in protecting and maintaining them to ensure a sharp and swift response to stimuli.

Vitamin B3 increases the blood flow to the skin and nerve endings, a stimulus in itself. In women, this translates into more powerful and repeated orgasms. Vitamin B6 is an effective libido enhancer.

Vitamin B1 is important to keep the nerves finely tuned ensuring optimal transmission of signals for appropriate responses.

Hence, lack of libido and a diminished sex life would be the consequence of a depleted level of the B group of vitamins.

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Vitamin B12 And The Sex Organs