A Good Diet To Lower Triglycerides  

Lowering triglycerides is a must in order to avoid any coronary heart disease. Eating without any dietary conscious is like pushing yourself towards an early death or to put it in worst words, suicide. A good and sensible diet always helps in lowering triglycerides more than anything else.

A good diet would mean nutritious food as well as avoiding foods that would increase the triglycerides levels. This means knowing what you are eating. Foods like refined sugar in the daily diet should be replaced with fruits. Sugar is considered as one of the few major enemies that target our health. If we concentrate on any one dietary subject and talk about fruits, there are fiber and phytonutrients that we get from them, which are essential to maintain a healthy life. More particularly, organic fruits that are grown locally are far superior to refined sugar or candy bars. But these fruits need to be taken only up to two or maximum three servings per day. Whole fruits are far better and advisable than fruit juices. The main properties of their fibrous contents are not lost when eaten whole. There is an abundance of phytonutrients and vitamins in whole fruits that go for waste when fruits are converted to juices.

Also avoid deep fried foods as they will increase your triglyceride levels. Instead try eating grilled, roasted, poached or boiled foods.

So, to summarize and make it simple, one does not have to give up eating to maintain lower triglyceride levels but one should be avoiding fatty and oily foods that is neither beneficial nor does it lower the triglycerides level.

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A Good Diet To Lower Triglycerides




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