What Would Happen If Your Body Just Ate Junk Food ?  

Junk food is an all-American passion. Both grown ups and children cannot live without junk food. But what would happen if your body just ate junk food?

This was a question that was even going through the mind of Morgan Spurlock, an independent filmmaker, producer and director. This led him to make a documentary film in 2004 entitled Super Size Me.

For the documentary film, Spurlock, who was at that time 32 years old, ate just McDonald's food for an entire period of 30 days and the result of the documentary film should be able to answer your question: what would happen if your body just ate junk food?

For Super Size Me, Spurlock ate at McDonald's three times a day and he ate everything that was listed on the menu. Each time he ordered a meal, he would super-size it. This resulted in him consuming a whopping 5,000 calories per day. At the end of the 30-day filming, Spurlock had gained 24.5 pounds (11.1 kilograms) with a 13 percent increase in body mass. In addition, he suffered from depression, lethargy, headaches, mood swings, sexual problems and liver damage.

He found that his mood swings, lethargy and headaches could only be relieved if he ate a meal at McDonald's. It was as if he was addicted to the food and was getting withdrawal symptoms when he was not eating it

After the filming of the documentary film, it took Spurlock another 14 months to lose all the weight he had gained during the 30-day filming.

Junk food is exactly what it says it is -- junk. It will cause more harm to your body than good given that there is not nutritional element to it. Rather it is laden with fat, calories and cholesterol, which are all harmful to the body when consumed in excess. And, eating just junk food will cause damage to vital organs like heart and liver, which will ultimately lead to death.

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What Would Happen If Your Body Just Ate Junk Food




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