What Is Soda Made Of

What Is Soda Made Of ?

Usually what is known as soda is actually carbonated water with different flavors, additives and preservatives. What is soda made of? In very basic terms, it is made up of carbonated water, fructose corn syrup, artificial sweetener or sugar and flavor mixes.

It is the ratio of carbonated water to sugar that determines how much fizz a particular soda has. The more the sugar, the less the fizz. On the other hand, if the soda has less sugar, it will fizz but only for a short while. This happens because there is no sugar in the soda to increase the viscosity of the carbonated water and this results in immediate release of carbon dioxide from the water for a brief duration.

Soda has captured the imagination of people, especially children and teenagers. They need to drink it regularly and this mild addiction that occurs is most probably due to caffeine that is present in popular soda drinks like Pepsi and Coca Cola.

When all the ingredients of soda are combined together, the empty space in the bottle or can gets filled with carbon dioxide. Then the container is sealed so that the gas is under pressure and cannot escape from the container. This explains why there is a hissing sound of escaping gas when any soda container is opened. Of course, the tingling sensation that accompanies the drinking is often much loved by children.

The soda also contains phosphoric acid and other preservatives that make them harmful. Phosphoric acid is one of main culprits in leaching calcium from the bones. And for every soda that a person drinks, the amount of blood oxygen level decreases by 25 percent. That is why while trying to find out what is soda made up of, you should also make an endeavor to find out how it can harm your body and health.

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What Is Soda Made Of