Why Does Shaken Soda Explode

Why Does Shaken Soda Explode ?

Children find it funny and adults get furious or irritated when it occurs. It may have occurred at least once to you. Nonetheless, there is a science behind why a shaken soda explodes.

Remember the ingredients of a soda have a lot to do with why a shaken soda explodes.

Why Does Shaken Soda Explode?

A soda is made up of carbonated water. This means that the water has carbon dioxide in it. When this carbonated water is filled into cans or bottles, a little empty space is kept on top before the container is sealed. This empty space gets occupied by the gas. So, if you open the can or bottle normally, the gas escapes with a hiss.

However, when a can or bottle is shaken, the gas gets completely mixed in the soda water and forms tiny bubbles and it is no longer present just on top where the empty space is. The gas still is waiting to escape from the can or bottle. But given the circumstances, it has to exert more pressure to do it while doing so, it has to push through the soda. Hence, when a soda is shaken, the escaping gas pushes through the soda causing it to spurt outside and this results in a mini explosion. The more you shake a soda, the more the gas and soda mix together and the bigger will be the explosion.

Cans or bottles that have wide openings do not have a big explosions because there is ample space for the gas to come out without causing the soda to gush out.

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Why Does Shaken Soda Explode