Body Mass Index Chart Of Malnutrition  

Generally the body weight is used as an indicator of an individual’s health. This is compared with a desirable weight range to identify whether the individual is under weight or over weight.

There is another method of comparing an individual to a population group is with body mass index (BMI).

The body mass index is worked out by dividing the individual’s weight in kilograms by height in meters squared and multiplied by 100. High value can indicate excess fat while low value indicates reduced fat. Hence body mass index correlates the individual’s height and weight. It is considered as a useful tool to identify obesity or malnutrition. It is also linked with mortality, lower values indicating longer life. BMI as tool is not that effective when used independently. When this is used with other factors such as age, gender, ethnicity and level of fitness it is useful in determining health risk.

BMI value for normal men and women should be in the range of 19 to 27 kg/m2. A BMI between 13 and 15 corresponds to 48 to 55 percent of desirable body weight for a given height and is considered as the lowest body weight than can sustain lie. At this level of BMI the body fat is less than 5 percent.

A table giving BMI values for different conditions is given below.





< 17

< 17


< 20

< 19




Intervention needed

> 26.4

> 25.8


> 27.8

> 27.3

Severely obese

> 31.1

> 32.2

Malnutrition means inadequate nutrition where the nutrients are not sufficient for proper body functions. It includes both under nutrition and also over nutrition.

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Body Mass Index Chart Of Malnutrition




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