Organic Calcium And Magnesium

Organic Calcium And Magnesium

Organic calcium and magnesium would refer to the food sources which are grown without fertilizers from which these minerals are available. They should not be misunderstood for earth minerals available in the forms of rocks, corals or shells. The most easily absorbable form of calcium or magnesium is found in kelp, which is a green leafy seaweed. Other sources abundant in these minerals are amaranth, sesame seeds and spinach. A normal person would require about 350 milligrams of magnesium per day and 1000 milligrams per day.

The merits of calcium include strengthening of bones and teeth, , lowering blood pressure, assisting in clotting of blood, regulation of heart-beat, ensuring proper functioning of the nerves and muscles and reducing the risks of ‘eclampsia’ in women who are pregnant.

Magnesium has merits like ensuring proper absorption of calcium, normal functioning of nerves and heart, prevention of kidney stone formation, treating ‘pre-eclampsia’ and preventing uterine contractions in pregnant women.

Together, these minerals work beneficially. While calcium assists in contraction of muscles, magnesium allows for their relaxation. They are considered as the most essential elements required for building and maintaining healthy muscles, bones and teeth as compared to most other vitamins and minerals. While magnesium is essential in adequate amounts for absorbing calcium, the later is necessary for proper utilization of the former in the body.

Deficiency of magnesium can cause fatigue, nervousness, and heart spasms and so on. Deficiency of calcium, especially in pregnant women, can lead to reduction of calcium levels in the mother’s bones.

These deficiencies are made good by supplementing calcium and magnesium along with daily diet.

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Organic Calcium And Magnesium