Relationship Between Magnesium And Calcium  

The nutrients are essential to our body for its growth, differentiation and also for the normal functioning. There are many elements that our body requires as nutrients. Of which the calcium and the magnesium are very important as both of them are required for the bone health. The calcium and the magnesium are required for many metabolic reactions that take place inside of the body. The calcium is often called as the backbone mineral as it is an important mineral that aids in the formation of bones and teeth.

Magnesium is called as natural tranquilizer as it is usually involved to relieve the tension by acting on the nerves and the muscles. The calcium and the magnesium are involved in the transmission of nerve impulse and also believed to involve in the regulation of hydrogen ion concentration.

At the same times there are few differences between them, which make them work antagonistic in nature. Magnesium is an intracellular nutrient whereas the calcium is present outside of the cell. Actin, which is involved in the muscle contraction, is stimulated by the calcium, whereas the magnesium relaxes the muscle. In this way, they function opposite to each other and regulate the muscle movement. It is also found by research that there is a constant influx of calcium ion and efflux of the magnesium ion happens during heart failure. It is also suggested that the magnesium therapy helps to protect the cardiac muscle strength as the time of a cardiac arrest. Magnesium is found to relieve hypertension by competing with the calcium binding site and relaxes the vascular wall.

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Relationship Between Magnesium And Calcium




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Relationship Between Magnesium And Calcium )
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