What Is Magnesium Used For ?  

The human body requires all nutrients in a balanced way to function adequately. Magnesium is one such essential mineral that can be obtained by the consumption of green vegetables, legumes, nuts, unrefined grains, fish and potatoes.

While the mineral is utilized by the body predominantly for development of bones, other functions carried out by magnesium include maintenance of blood sugar level, proper functioning of the muscles and nerves, promoting the body immunity, control of the blood pressure and body temperature, and metabolism.

In the US, deficiency of magnesium is observed to be a consequence of conditions such as alcoholism, unsupervised diabetes, side effect of some prescription drugs, diuretic abuse, improper assimilation or severe diarrhea. Indications of magnesium deficiency are evident in the form of high blood pressure, sleep disorders, numbness, low immunity, contraction of muscles, migraine, depression and nervousness.

Intake of magnesium supplements is the only way to deal with its deficiency. However, this should be done in consultation with a physician as excessive intake of the same could prove detrimental to health. Magnesium sulfate, or Epsom salts, can benefit in cases of pain in the muscles. Epsom salts baths when clubbed with essential oils have the potential to not only provide relief to muscles ache, but are also observed to elevate one’s mood and offer relaxation. Magnesium sulfate has the ability to avert preterm labor, cure preeclampsia, and prevent cerebral palsy in children born prematurely. Recent research highlights the importance of magnesium supplements towards the treatment of children suffering from ADHD.

Other known uses of magnesium include treatment of constipation in the form of Epsom salts as a laxative and dealing with anxiety and temperament disorders.

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What Is Magnesium Used For ?




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Where-Is-Magnesium-Found-In-Nature      Magnesium rates eighth its abundance on the face of the earth. Minerals such as brucite, magnesite, dolomite and carnalite contain magnesium and so do products such as asbestos, meerschaum, serpentine and talc. It is found in seawater, brines and salt wells in the form of magnesium chloride. In fact, the mineral water consumed by us tastes bitter only due to the presence of magnesium salts in it. Owing to its presence in chlorophyll, it forms an important part of human and animal food. More..




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