Where Is Sodium Found ?  

Sodium is one of the 92 elements that are found in nature, freely. Sodium is scientifically represented by NA in the periodic table, deriving from a word in Latin, “natrium”. Sodium, known to be versatile with regards to its deposits, is found right from our earth to the sun and also the stars. On earth, it can be found in minerals and also in the earth’s crust.

Sodium is known to be the 4th most plentiful element found on earth. Sodium has a share of 2.6% in the earth’s crust. But, sodium is freely not found in this natural world. The pure form of sodium is obtained from processing a sodium chloride done in a factory.

Sodium, in its most pure form is bright and is silver-colored. But, it tends to lose that luster when kept out in air. It is so soft that it is possible to cut it with a coin. But, due to its combustible nature in its pure form, it can even catch fire in water. Sodium is known to be highly reactive and caustic to other chemicals and elements, when it is in its purest state, forming useful compounds of sodium. The use and applications of sodium, both as industrial or residential use are endless and thus, it is a very amazing element.

Sodium got discovered through Sir Humphry Davy, a British chemist, in the year 1807. While passing current electricity through potash that was wet and soda, both of which were earlier known as elements, Davy got to isolate 2 elements – sodium and potassium. Davy, an ambitious discoverer went on to discover other substances like barium, calcium, magnesium, strontium.

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Where Is Sodium Found ?




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