Facts Of Amino Acids

Facts Of Amino Acids

Protein is one of the most important nutrients and to build blocks of protein, amino acids are required. Amino acids have to be in their right balance for a healthy and sound life. There are number of functions where body tissues are required to build and maintain.

Amino acids are necessary for the brain to both send and receive information and for the central nervous system. It is essential to fight infection.

Facts of Amino Acids:

Approximately twenty-two amino acids are required by the body. Many of these amino acids can be acquired from daily food intake. Eight amino acids for adults or nine for children cannot be synthesized. Hence it is essential that these are obtained through the food that we eat.

The compounds in nature come in two forms, the L and the D form. Biochemically these two configurations are similar to each other. The L form is typically the more active form in most amino acids.

One of the most common and essential amino acids is Phenylalanine. Deficiency of Phenylalanine results in anhedonia, a sense of inability to experience pleasure, emotional agitation and depression. Confusion, less alertness and memory are other implications. A sense of being well and calm is produced by Opioids that are like endorphins. The enzymes that break down the "Opioids" in the brain are inhibited by D-Phenylalanine.

There are non-essential amino acids that can be synthesized from nitrogen, carbohydrates and fats. Amino acids cannot be substituted for another as each one of them has its own specific purpose. But all the amino acids are equally important for overall superior health.

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Facts Of Amino Acids