Obesity In Teens

Obesity In Teens

The problem of obesity in children in the United States has increased to a large extent in recent decades. Within the range of 16 percent and 33 percent of children in the age group of 8 to 16 are obese.

Obesity is a medical condition that can be easily recognized but is also very difficult to treat in several cases. An unhealthy pattern of weight gain is mainly due to a poor diet and the lack of exercise. It is reported that around 300,000 obesity related deaths occurs each year in the US. To put it in another way, people who die in that given range are mostly fat or obese.

It has been seen that children and teenagers who are overweight are more prone to end up being overweight in their adulthood unless they change their food habits and maintain healthy diet and exercise.

It is very important to understand what exactly obesity is in children and teenagers. If a teen is few extra pounds overweight, it does not amount to obesity. However, it may strongly indicate that the teenager has the tendency to put on weight in the future and therefore, there is an immediate need for a change in that teen's diet.

A teenager is not normally considered to be obese until they are clearly overweight by at least 10 percent than what the recommended weight is for that particular height and body type. 

Obesity in children commonly begins in early childhood when they are around 5 and 6, and also when they are adolescents. Research shows that a child who is fat around the age of 10 or13 will end up becoming an obese adult.

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Obesity In Teens