Does Coffee Speed Up Your Metabolism ?

Does Coffee Speed Up Your Metabolism ?

Many people drink coffee everyday and for most of them it is a must if they want to jump start their day. However, not many of them actually know that coffee speeds up metabolism. Nonetheless, this theory has its limitations and it is not as easy as it sounds.

Most people drink coffee easily and if it is really known to speed up your metabolism, then everyone would be drinking coffee instead of other beverages. What exactly does caffeine do? Caffeine causes the fatty acids to move around quickly. However, this has no bearing on the fact that metabolism has increased. Caffeine is also used to work on cellulite because they mobilize the fats. However, a research shows that caffeine has this effect only on non caffeine addicts. If you have the habit of drinking coffee every morning, then do not expect similar results.

Also it has been seen that caffeine has short term effects and once the body uses the caffeine, you will soon start seeing other undesirable effects. Caffeine has the classic effect of adrenaline which makes you feel good as long as it is circulating in your body. This may be due to the temporary increase in metabolism it causes while it is circulating but as soon as the effect is over, a person feels more tired and exhausted. So, this phenomenon is not exactly considered healthy and above all it is not considered as an increase in metabolism rate.

Remember, this is about black coffee and not with the ones sold with creamer or milk in cafes and other outlets.

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Does Coffee Speed Up Your Metabolism