Common Migraine Remedies  

A migraine is an extremely common disease of the nervous system that results in a sort of headache which comes in interludes. Changes in blood flow in the vessels of the head are supposed to be the cause of migraines.

Migraines can be distinguished from other headaches because they are normally accompanied by other symptoms like vomiting, nausea or acute sensitivity to light. In some, an attack is preceded by warning symptoms known as an aura which comes just before the migraine headache.

Migraines come in 3 types:

  • Common migraine (without an aura): 80 percent of migraine attacks fall in this category, which take place without warning.
  • Classic migraine (with aura): This migraine is preceded with warning symptoms and is generally more severe than a common migraine.
  • Status migrainosus: A term used with a continuous migraine that does not go of its own.

Migraines are more common with women and usually show the first symptoms between the ages of 10 and 46.

Migraines, believed to be a vascular condition, can also be caused because of a variety of other reasons. A discussion with a health care provider could help in identifying the cause.

Here are some common home remedies for migraine:

Aromatherapy: One of the most effective. Some aromas like peppermint, sandalwood, lavender and eucalyptus are proven to suppress the pain associated with a migraine.

Rutin: Eradicates toxic metals that could be the cause of migraine.

Primrose Oil: An anti-inflammatory agent that prevents constriction in the blood vessels.

Massage: An easy home remedy that might work.

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Common Migraine Remedies




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