Cause Of Tension Headaches  

Tension headaches are not inherited and they do not run in families. It is one of the most common types of headache that is experienced by nearly 50 percent of people more occasionally. But they are more common in women.

There are different names to these headaches that could be due to stress, muscle contraction or chronic and non-progressive headaches. It is usually a gradual process and also will not have any particular reason. Yet, tension headaches can be easily triggered by stress, which is quite common. Environmental or internal stress is one among the many reasons.  To be more specific, family sources, friend circle, relationships in social atmosphere could cause tension headaches. The stress thus built up and equally isolated triggers episodic tension headaches. This need not be a daily exercise. But daily stress can turn into a chronic one. The frequency could be anywhere from once or twice or more in a month.

Although the emotional disturbances, the stress are said to be the reason for muscle contraction that leads to headache, it is yet to be diagnosed in people with tension headache. Fluctuations in the level of chemicals that are found in the brain are suspected to be the cause. These chemicals in the brain play a role of suppressing the pains.

To put it in a nutshell, the stress, depression and the anxiety that follows, have the potential to trigger a headache. Some people have the habit of clenching their jaws and some with wrong posture. A prolonged single position or a wrong posture and even clenching one’s jaws can lead to such headaches.

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Cause Of Tension Headaches




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