Pain Management And Drug Screening  

Pain killers are the most sought after answer for pain management. Sometimes even with the use of a good amount of pain killers, the patient’s suffering does not reduce. In such cases the patient may request for an increase in dosage.

However, increasing the dosage of the pain killer may not just happen. Sometimes the doctor may test the patient to check if the patient is taking the recommended dosage of the medicine. Another reason to do such drug screenings is to check whether your body is facing any side effects on account of the medicines prescribed. These kinds of drug screening may be done for people who do not respond well to the medication or people who have been on such medication for over a year. These kinds of drug screenings are conducted every 2-3 months.

This is done primarily because there is a law in the FDA that states that drug screening has to be done for patients undergoing pain management just to make sure that the drugs prescribed for these patients are indeed being used by them.

Also, in such screenings if the patient is found to be using any drugs or marijuana or heroin, such patients may be discontinued from the pain management program. Hence it is advisable for patients undergoing pain management programs to refrain from using drugs.

Depending on what the drug screening shows, the dosage of the medicines may be either increased or decreased or changed to suit the patient’s needs. Hence, when the doctor advises for such kind of drug screening one need not panic as it is just a routine procedure.

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Pain Management And Drug Screening




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