What Does Stomach Pain From Lyme Disease Feel Like ?

What Does Stomach Pain From Lyme Disease Feel Like ?

Lyme disease is an infection caused by the bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. In simpler terms, this bacterium is found in animals like mice and deer and when ticks bite infected animals and later bite a human being, the bacteria gets passed on.

Although this disease is spread through a tick bite, one may not realize that he is being bitten by a tick; it is only when the symptoms start showing up, and one would realize that they have caught an infection. Hence, the symptoms of this condition are vital in recognizing the condition and treating it. There may be various symptoms such as rashes, high fever, fatigue, upset stomach, change in bowel function, constipation, muscle pain, cramps etc.

In case of Lyme disease, there is no organ which remains unaffected. Therefore, it would be difficult to describe the kind of stomach pain one may have in this condition. But few things to keep in mind are that if there is stomach pain or there are changes in the bowel function and the patient has repeated urinary tract infections and also complaints of nausea and vomiting and along with that if one can notice rashes on the body which are circular and look like Bull’s eye, then it may be Lyme disease.  Though it is certain that the patient has stomach pains, the intensity and frequency of the same have not yet been identified.

Once a doctor establishes the condition to be Lyme disease a blood work can be done to confirm the diagnosis.

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What Does Stomach Pain From Lyme Disease Feel Like