Control Theory And Parenting  

There are several kinds of parents and psychiatrists have coded different kinds of parents. Also from researches it has been noticed that children who are brought up by these different kinds of parents show different behavior.

The different kinds of parents are permissive parents, authoritative parents, and authoritarian parents.

The permissive parents are the type who are agreeable to everything and seldom oppose. They do not differentiate between right or wrong and seem agreeable with everything  Children who have permissive parents exhibit two sets of qualities which are extreme in both ways. One is they are too meek and under confident to do anything. They take permission for everything and do not have any decision making abilities. The other set of qualities they show are extreme bossiness and ego problems. Both are not healthy and can cause problems for them in the future. Being permissive is good to an extent where the child has to be disciplined and certain values have to be taught. However, on an everyday basis it does not have any positive effects on children. Permissive parenting can bring out poor emotions in children and they can become very rebellious if they do not get their way. Also children with such parents show low competitive skills and tend to become antisocial.

Children who come from authoritative parenting are happy and also lively. They show more confidence and good emotional understanding. They are not very rigid about gender differences and also have advanced social skills.

Children who come from authoritarian parenting are anxious and withdrawn. They get frustrated easily and can become hostile to situations. They may however do well in studies.  

This is how control theory and parenting are interconnected.

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Control Theory And Parenting




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