Parenting For Mothers Who Give Birth Prematurely  

Premature births are quite common but at the same time it is very difficult for the parents of the premature baby to cope. There are several reasons why a baby is born prematurely and today the medical field is so advanced that they can save a 24 weeks old fetus if they have to at a premature stage.

However, for the first few weeks or months the premature baby is kept in an incubator and fed also in the intensive care unit. Parents can only watch their child from outside the incubator. The child cannot be brought of it into normal environment because the baby’s lungs are not completely developed and they have to wait until the normal gestational period is over. Normal babies are born at the 40th week of pregnancy and premature babies are born in the starting of the third trimester or at least six weeks earlier to this period. When a premature baby is delivered the body parts in the baby are not fully developed.

Premature babies will always need additional care until a long time because they usually have a lower immune system as they are taken out of their mother’s womb early than they should be.  Until the babies reach an age of 5 or 6 they need to be looked after well in terms of food and medications. However, as adults they are perfectly normal and lead normal lives. Parenting a premature baby is very similar to parenting any baby but the first few months the baby should be fed with additional care and attention.

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Parenting For Mothers Who Give Birth Prematurely




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Parenting For Mothers Who Give Birth Prematurely )
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