Checklist Of Early Child Development  

Parents can actually use the child development charts easily and identify where their child is lacking and where the child is ahead. Each child is different in their own way and does things differently. However, there are some things that children do in the same span of time.

Like all babies start walking by the time they are 18 months to 2 years old and so on.

        Parents, however, should notice for some key factors that reflect on the child development chart like motor skills, cognitive skills and language development. These are some of the areas that all parents should closely watch n their children so that they can identify problems early.

         Under physical abilities or motor skills children in their early stages should be able to use their hands and legs with deft, they should have considerable muscle strength and also display it and also show physical the child is. Children generally are considered bundles of energy and they should be always busy doing some or the other activity. As the child grows up they express even more fine motor skills and development. It is also important to see of the visual and motor skills are coordinated. Motor skills are divided into fine motor skills, visual motor skills, and grapho- motor skills. Also, until the children reach a certain age, one cannot differentiate between several kinds of motor skills and also it is difficult to fit them into any developmental time line.

         There is no standard checklist for development in children. However, children are judged using their expertise in various areas of development.

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Checklist Of Early Child Development




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