Effect Of Child Development In Low Income  

Poverty caused by low income can cause long term effects in the children which start at young age. Lot of factors that affect child development actually doe not depend on the income level directly.

The only way a child can suffer is from lack of the best nourishments available however if there is a lot of emotional stability in the family it has been found that the children who grow up with it are much more competitive.

In case the family is poor and is not able to nourish the child it has been found that the children are much smaller in size irrespective of the parent’s physique and they were also shorter n the physical development scale.

Poverty is of various levels in the United States and in some families they are so underprivileged that they cannot provide the child with basic necessities like milk and meat. There are several other living conditions affecting the child’s growth and psychology like heat, clothing, and food, drugs in the form of antibiotics and vaccinations and transport. A child in a poverty stricken household is sometimes made to work much harder and also has to do without meals several times. Low income is not a severe problem in the United States but it does exist in all states in a small percentage. In a recent research conducted by the Michigan University it was found that under nourishment in children was caused due to low income lines and poverty. The children from such households also suffered from behavioral problems.

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Effect Of Child Development In Low Income




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