Gender Roles In Child Development  

Gender roles are a very interesting topic in early child development. How do babies label themselves a boy or a girl has been a subject of interest for several years now?

Psychologically gender is one of the most important features that people resent to others and this is expressed even at an early stage.

Medical researches find the role of genders at all stages of child development as early as 18 months to adolescence. The choices of colors and kinds of food vary largely for girls and boys and today the most classic example of this differentiation is that boys like blue and girls like pink. Also, as the child grows up their preference of cartoons and even books and choice of activities can be differentiated. It has been found that girls are inclined more to learning activities with colors and aesthetic beauty whereas boys are inclined to activities that include a lot of action.

Also, girls express increased amount of interest in the opposite sex like their fathers while boys do the same to their mothers. Gender role in fact is one of the most important areas of human development. Gender also dictates how one person behaves with the other person and this can be seen in the early stages of childhood itself. The gender demarcation that starts in the pre natal stages lasts a lifetime for people. Girls and boys are quite different from each other and the way they interact with their opposite sex is also very different and can be noticed in the early development years itself.

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Gender Roles In Child Development




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