Child Psychology And 10 Year Old Boys  

Ten year old boys are not much different from the nine year old boys and they more or less think and behave the same way. Boys at this age are much more independent and as they are approaching puberty they are aware of their bodily changes.

Some boys tend to become withdrawn and quieter at this stage and this is considered normal by psychologists. They can be extra sensitive to certain issues and also form strong opinions by now. They also stand up for their view points and tend to argue if they are disagreed upon. It is very important for boys at this age to have friends and lead a normal life with many friends. Children who do not have any friends deal with other problems like lack of social skills and cognitive development problems.

Girls at the same age are quite different and tend to be more mature and approachable. Boys are quite different and they can be very dominating sometimes or withdrawn, which are quite opposite qualities in fact. Ten year old boys may show a very little interest in the opposite sex, but they mostly prefer to stick to friends within the same gender for some time. Boys do not show real interest in girls until they reach the age of 14.

10 year old boys can be quite complicated because they are sort of on a bridge where they are crossing from one development cycle to another and they can be pretty confused at this age.

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Child Psychology And 10 Year Old Boys




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