Games That Aid In Language Development  

Language development in children is a slow and steady process that takes gradual steps. Also babies learnt o speak in different stages. What do toddlers do for learning languages? Babies who are around 18 months old start weaving and putting words together to make sense.

Children also have an amazing capacity to learn languages and it is possible to teach children more than one language at a time.

Many people believe that children who are exposed to more than one language show delay in language development and this is a false notion. In fact, they learn both all the language separately and have the intelligence to differentiate one language from the other. There are several games that parents can play with their children to develop the speaking skills in the baby.

Nursery rhymes are a good way to teach toddlers how to small words. Music helps the children learn better.

Teaching children simple songs help them to understand the words clearly.

Name the objects is a game that you can play with toddlers who are two to three years old. You can start describing the simple objects in a simple way and ask them to name it. Like you can hold a ball and say this is a …. , and let your child finish it. The element of surprise keeps your child’s interest in the game.

You can also read short stories to them and start introducing newer words in the stories. Also, when you interact with your child on a daily basis, try using different sentences to describe an activity that you do everyday together. Like let us have lunch, or let us get some lunch. Or let us eat lunch. Keep changing the combinations and your child will soon learn a lot.

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Games That Aid In Language Development




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