Music Impact On Language Development  

Music has a great impact on a child in many areas of development right fro the stage of infancy. Music can be used to get the baby to sleep and calm them down because it has a soothing effect on them.

As a child is growing up, music can be taught for language development and in fact the way the alphabets are introduced to the child is through a song at the age of 15 to 18 months. Most kids know the song well even before they learn to identify the alphabet.

It has been noticed that children grasp language better when it is in the form of a rhyme or song. Scientifically the components of music affect different parts of the brain at the same time. It has the tendency to activate the whole brain and memory or cognitive development is a very intricate function within the brain. 

Also a child who learns s something through a song does not forget it easily and actually remembers it for a longer time. Music can be used to influence the child even when it is a fetus. Also, voice recognition begins early in the fetus. Researches have revealed that fetuses respond to smallest words from the mother’s womb through movements. After studying the effect of music on children it has been used to communicate to exceptional children and even older people with problems like Alzheimer’s. However, it has been see that children and babies are more attracted to rhyming sentences tat are short and sung to them.

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Music Impact On Language Development




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