Activities For Stranger Safety For Preschoolers  

Preschool children tend to trust everyone who is nice to them and everyone whom they meet. This is not safe because they are not secure in their house anymore and they are going to school. No matter how responsible the childcare or the pre-school is, there still can be an occasion when the children interact with a stranger.

Children at this age need to be prepared for taking care of themselves. However, it is quite difficult to tell them how bad people look or behave and it is not wise to tell them about people yet. First of all in order to explain to them they should understand who is a stranger.

To explain who is a stranger you need to show the child some pictures of people they know and people they do not. They can easily identify their parents and people whom they know. However, when they come across a picture of a person they do not know, tell them that he or she is a stranger. Try using different pictures and call them strangers to make sure the child understands what stranger means. Keep playing this game until the child says stranger on his own.

Stories also help in explaining to the child who a stranger is and why they should not talk to them. Stories like Little Red Riding hood help while teaching them who a stranger is. Also develop a code word based on stories like this to identify strangers. Teach them that unless someone says this code word they should not go with them.

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Activities For Stranger Safety For Preschoolers




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