Teaching Preschoolers About Obeying Authority  

The most frustrating moment for a parent is when a child disobeys or does not listen to the parent. That is why teaching preschoolers about obeying authority is important and there are way to go about it. And parents have to learn this art without hurting the child physically.

Here are some tips for teaching preschoolers about obeying authority:

  • A parent has to remember that he or she is the parent and this is one thing that many parents forget. Being a parent automatically puts you in a position of authority and you need to make sure that your child understands this. The only way to go about is informing the preschooler that there is no point in disobeying you and that there is no room whatsoever for any objections or arguments.
  • It does not help to yell at the child. The moment you yell, you are losing control of the situation and a child will perceive this. In addition, the preschooler will know that he or she is in an advantageous position because he or she has wrested control of the situation from you. This is something you do not want. Therefore, the best way is to remain calm but you still need to be firm when talking to the preschooler.
  • Although it does not sound nice but you have to ensure that your preschooler knows what the consequences will be of disobeying you and your instructions. This does not mean that you have go and threaten the child. You have to get your message across in a way that the child understands. You have to let the child know that disobeying your authority will lead to stricter disciplinary actions, whatever they may be.

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Teaching Preschoolers About Obeying Authority




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Teaching Preschoolers About Obeying Authority )
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