Weekly Plan Menu For Preschooler  

A preschooler is a busy body and even the parents of the preschooler tend to be too busy. If the parents are working, then it could be quite difficult bringing up the child and handling professional life. Everyday for a preschooler is different and their behavior also keeps changing.

Some days they just do not want to go to school when they wake up and on some days they do not want to eat anything. However, parent’s who want to make their life easy then they should build a routine in their pre school kid’s life as fast as they can. Kids at this age like to do the same thing and repeat their tasks. They are not very welcome to change and often avoid it. You can use this and build a routine for everything like their food habits, clothing and even everyday nap timings.

Making kids menu every week makes life easy for working parents and mothers who stay at home. Preschool kids like foods like pasta, noodles, Chinese, minced meat, spaghetti and Bolognese, meat balls. Bacon, French fries and even mashed potato. Everyday you do not have to make something exotic but you can broadly categorize your menu as a try new vegetables day, junk food dinner day, Italian day, Chinese day, vegetables day, and egg day and so on. You can be as creative as you can and come up with your own name for the menu. Allow the child to have a McDonald burger once in two weeks or a week. This way you will always have them looking forward to their meals.

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Weekly Plan Menu For Preschooler




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