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Bringing up a toddler is the busiest time in our lives and it is not a joke when some one says that their toddler is handful. Bathing them, cleaning them, potty training, getting them to sleep and feeding those takes the whole day for parents.

A toddler who is in the age group of 18 months to 3 years is the most difficult and unreasonable person to deal with when it comes to eating habits.

Toddlers tend to avoid food even though they are hungry because they are too busy doing other things. The best way to feed a toddler is by building a routine for them and even a menu if possible. It is not necessary to feed them their favorite foods like French fries and cheerios or gold fish all the time. In fact this is the best age to introduce vegetables and different kinds of salads to them. However they are too young to introduce to spicy food and that needs to wait.

Every day the toddler’s schedule should start with a cup of milk and crackers which is optional. Then give them breakfast which could be cereals or a toast and butter that can be cut into tiny pieces. You can give a cup of juice at an odd hour like 11 am and then give them lunch at around 1 pm.

Lunch should consist of whole some food like mashed potatoes, mashed spinach with rice, or tiny bread rolls with minced meat and so on. If your baby is not the kind who sleeps in the afternoon, then you need to give them an intermediary snack at around 4 pm and this can be some crackers along with a cup of milk. Then you can give them dinner by 6 or 7 pm. The dinner should again consist of some yogurt and chicken or vegetables.

A toddler is a bundle of energy that is constantly doing some activity so you should feed them frequently.

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Daily Menu For Toddler




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