Problem Solving Activities For Toddlers  

There are several activities that can be taught to toddlers that can help them in cognitive development, learning development and also problem solving ability. Playtime is the best tie to each children various things and without losing their interest.

Kids have a natural inclination towards learning and it is quite easy to teach them if the subject is presented creatively.

There are several activities that even parents can try with their children at home. The key to the healthy growth and development of a child is through positive upbringing and also educative training.

Children are very much capable of solving problems if presented to them in a creative way. They start learning from an early age of 9 months and activities according to their age may be presented. For example, if you get a nine month old baby engrossed in a ball and then hide it behind a barricade of blocks, you have presented a problem to them. Let the baby find the ball by either removing the barricade or reaching out to the ball from over it. There are all kinds of activities in all stages of development like walking, talking and growing up.

In older children, problem solving skills can be developed by making them decide. Whenever they come running to you for help, you can either present them with various options or make them think in a logical way to find a solution. Children also feel empowered when you involve them in solving their own problems and also gives them a sense of pride which is a positive ego.

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Problem Solving Activities For Toddlers




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