Yellow Urine In Pregnancy  

It is very common to have different doubts and questions when one is pregnant and any new symptom may raise a question mark as to what it means and whether it is normal.

In the same way yellow urine in pregnancy may be a cause of anxiety for some women. But this is not something to be worried about as it is normal to have yellow urine during pregnancy.

Of course, one needs to drink a lot of water, which will make the urine color go back to a clear color. Sometimes certain things that a person eats also lead to bright yellow urine. For instance, the vitamins that are consumed during pregnancy can also cause this. Things like asparagus, beets and carrots can also affect the color of the urine. One can also get this color due to bile salts in the urine.

When the color of the urine changes, it is only a temporary thing and nothing to be worried about unless there are also other symptoms involved. If there is pain while urinating, or burning sensation while urination, along with yellow urine, then one needs to mention this to the doctor.

The best thing for a pregnant woman to do is to drink lots of water, eat a healthy diet, take all the prenatal vitamins, and not to get anxious or stressed. If there are symptoms which seem to be a cause a worry, then one can just go online and check the various sites for information on such symptoms. However, the best solution is to talk to your doctor so that he or she can schedule a prenatal examination.

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Yellow Urine In Pregnancy





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