Where Does Barack Obama Stand On Abortion ?

Where Does Barack Obama Stand On Abortion ?

The President of the United States Barack Obama has never taken a strong opinion or stance on the case of abortion. He, however, believes in the right for abortion for the mother because according to him a person has to be practical and the real people in the real world face real life situations.

Every presidential candidate has so far been given a choice to take their own stand on this case irrespective of the party and their supporting view point. When asked if fetuses should sue their mother’s for the lack of care, he suggested that an unborn fetus cannot sue the mother and it would be equivalent to violating the woman’s rights.

On the whole President Obama does favor the legal right to abortion and also maintains that the number of abortions should be reduced. He said the promotion of contraceptives that are fool proof is actively needed. Also, if every individual makes a conscious decision to try and not create a life which they do not intend to nurture, the number of abortions could go down. The rate of abortions is found to be high in the younger women and teens rather than the middle aged women. This clearly indicates the reason of abortion to be lack of thought and irresponsibility on the part of the individuals.

Keeping the moral dimension in point of view, the president believes that it is only fair for a woman to decide if she is ready to be the mother and let her decide her future.

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Where Does Barack Obama Stand On Abortion