Which States Allow Abortion ?

Which States Allow Abortion ?

It is believed that all the people born in the United States and naturalized in the country are subject to the law and governance of the United States.

There are no legal barriers in the United States today which says that woman cannot go through an abortion in the entire nine months of her pregnancy. The risk of an individual woman going through abortion is assessed by the doctor and based on the doctor’s advice the abortion can be carried out.

None of the states in the United States of America can stop an abortion legally after the law had been passed in the year 1973. Until then, there were only two states that allowed abortion legally and they were New York and California. The current situation legally is in favor of the women who have the choice to keep or abort the baby.

There are several groups fighting for anti abortion rights and believe that abortion is equivalent to killing. There are several ethical view points on both the sides and groups that are fighting for their beliefs individually. Every presidential candidate in the United States is asked to express their view point on abortion and while candidates like John McCain opposed abortion, President Barack Obama believes that abortion should be allowed and should not deny the woman of her rights. He also sated that the rate of abortions should be brought down and the groups fighting the abortion laws should also put in effort to bring down the rate of abortion.

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Which States Allow Abortion