Cost Of Cesarean Section  

A woman should be worried about the costs of child birth only if she does not have an insurance coverage. Then she should be more worried because a C section is not cheap and could cost a lot of money in the United States. Vaginal births only cost half of what cesarean births cost.

There are several factors that are included in the cost of cesarean section. The medicines and the anesthetics used, the fees for the anesthetist, the doctor’s fees for surgery, hospital charges, labor room charges, neo natal care unit charges, lab charges, aftercare charges and several other charges. When all these charges are included in the bill, it could add up to a very large total.

The costs of C section also depend on the place that you live in, and some cities are more expensive than others. It also depends on the hospital that you choose to have the C section in. In some cities even the community hospitals are very expensive. For example, in a city like Portland or Denver, the cost of cesarean section could be anything from $4,000 to $6,000. The same procedure if it is performed in a hospital in any of the cities of the northeast coast, could straight away double the cost to anything from $9,000 to $11,000. That is because the doctor’s charge a high fees and also the hospital charges could be high. The cost depends on these varying factors and a person can find it very difficult to cope without a proper insurance coverage.

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Cost Of Cesarean Section





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