Political Aspects Of Cesarean Sections  

The political aspects of cesarean section come into play only women opt for a C section delivery by choice. Is it correct to have a C section surgery without any medical implications or valid reasons for it?

It is a much argued and debated topic. Doctors have been considering the advantages and disadvantages of a C section surgery by choice and whether they should guide their patients to have a C section surgery when it is not required.

Women opt for cesarean section in spite of knowing all the complications for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is the lack of awareness to vaginal birth and its benefits that women do not realize.

Some women do not want to go through labor pains and suffer from the extreme pain. They rather have a C section under general anesthetics without realizing or feeling the labor or birth pain. This has been one of the most common reasons for women to choose a C section birth rather than a vaginal birth. Many women do not have an open mind to normal vaginal delivery and they tend to think that labor pains are unbearable. There is less exposure and awareness in this subject.

Women who are choosing a cesarean section when there is no reason for it should also go through the benefits of vaginal birth and also the process. The after birth complications in a vaginal birth are nil and it is also non-interfering with the physical appearance of the body.

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Political Aspects Of Cesarean Sections




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