Chinese Fertility Calendar  

The Chinese fertility calendar was written by a Chinese expert about 700 years ago. The Chinese fertility calendar predicts the sex of the baby based on the month of conception and the age of the mother at the time of conception. These values are calculated using the lunar calendar and not the regular Gregorian calendar.

There are many calendars available on the internet and most of them reveal the sex of the baby. However, it is very difficult to understand how these calculations are made based on the lunar calendar. In some websites you will find a table in the format of a calendar and you have to look up the lunar month that you were born in and the estimate of the time you conceived. Some websites takes this data from you into a calculator and then converts them into lunar values and gives you the result.

         From the working of the calendar you are given to understand that the calendar was made in such a way that the woman’s age and the monthly cycle decide the sex of the baby. 8 out of 10 predictions are usually found correct according to several websites. The calendar is extremely complicated to understand and based on what theory it works is still unknown. There is a possibility that the prediction might be wrong but this also depends on how accurate the parameters that were provided are. A lunar calendar works according to the moon’s waxing and waning cycles. The accuracy methods of the calendar still need to be established by scientific experts.

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Chinese Fertility Calendar





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