Blood Behind Membranes First Trimester  

The first trimester is very important for a pregnant woman and her baby. A woman goes through constant changes physically in the inside of the body even though she does not realize it. The fetus is also developing many organs during the first three months.

The embryo during the first three months of pregnancy attaches itself to the uterus walls. The primary screening test that is conducted to ensure that the mother and child are going to be safe is an interview with the doctor where they take the entire history of the mother and her family background and other health details. Blood tests are also ordered during the first trimester to rule out infections.

Sometimes further tests are ordered where the amniotic fluids have to be drawn to rule out particular diseases related to the fetus like a Down syndrome. During the chronic villus sampling or CVS, if the membrane ruptures prematurely then further procedures like amnio patch are conducted. It is not normal for a woman’s membranes to bleed and only happens when it is ruptured. The rupturing of membranes can be caused only when an external device has come in contact with it. This could happen while tests like amniocentesis are performed. However, the reason for an amniocentesis in the first trimester has to be to rule out Down’s syndrome and should be conducted only if there is a reason for doubt. If the membrane ruptures during any of these tests, then the condition is rectified using an amnio patch.

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Blood Behind Membranes First Trimester





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