Body Aches During Third Trimester  

The third trimester is the most crucial period of pregnancy. During this phase of pregnancy, many women suffer from back pains, especially in the lower back, abdominal pain and leg cramps.

Most pains are caused due to movement of internal organs from their original position, and poor posture. While some pains are caused due to hormonal changes taking place in the body of pregnant women.

During the third trimester of pregnancy, your baby will be as much as four times the size it was at the beginning of the first trimester. Your uterus would have grown to a point of saturation and it will not just fit in your pelvic region. The growing baby exerts pressure on the internal organs of pregnant women as a result the internal organs start drifting away from their original position.

The movement of the internal organs from their original position causes, among other things, your center of gravity to change. The movement of internal organ makes the pelvic joints delicate and loose. As a result many women experience back pain. In addition, due to change in the center of gravity, women may tend to lean backwards which can result in leg cramps, rib pain, and abdominal pain. 

To ease the back pain and body aches, try to stay off your feet whenever possible, avoid lifting heavy objects and keep your back straight while standing and walking. Doing light exercise to strengthen your spine and stomach muscles is extremely useful in relieving body aches during third trimester. If your back pains continuously, then you must consult your health care provider or physiotherapist.

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Body Aches During Third Trimester





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