Stress During Third Trimester  

Third trimester is the third and final phase of pregnancy. This trimester begins from the 29th week of pregnancy and last till the baby is delivered.

As you are approaching the delivery date, typically at the end of third trimester, it is normal to feel excited and stressed. The physical symptoms associated with stress include increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure and muscle tension.

There are many reasons you may feel anxious and stressed during third trimester. Some of the most common causes of stress during third trimester include:

Baby's health and well being: Every expectant mother wants her baby to be healthy, and women who have had children with some health problems may be concerned about their babies' health, which may lead to mental stress and anxiety.

Financial concerns: A mother may be worried about extra finances and costs involved with childbirth and addition of a new member in the family. Monetary pressure can create significant mental stress.

Mother's health: A pregnant women's body undergoes many physical and emotional changes during the third trimester. Fears about excess weight gain, stretch marks, high blood pressure, heartburn and indigestion can lead to excessive mental stresses

Parenting stress: Expectant mothers are often stressed over many details of parenting issues such as caring for the infant, finding a baby sitter, and the quality of local school. If the woman is single, then there are added worries and anxieties about coping with the baby alone.

Women who experiences chronic stress during the third trimester are at greater risk of delivering premature and low birth weight babies or of miscarrying. During this stage, women should try to alleviate stress by performing certain exercises like yoga and meditation.

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Stress During Third Trimester





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