New Drug to Cure Jet Lag?


         Most of us love flying and traveling to new places and seeing new locales. However, if you are in a long haul flight, the jet lag can really spoil the beginning of your holidays while you are adjusting to the change in timings of your vacation spot.

         This may be the reason why some people do not prefer to travel abroad to distant places, while other may take the jet lag because it is part and parcel of long distance flying.

         However, there may be good news in the horizon for people who do know how to cope with or handle jet lag. Researchers from Monash University's School of Psychology, Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine have identified a new drug that could be used to alleviate jet lag. In addition, the drug could also be useful for people who work on shift and have a sleeping disorder.

         The name of this new drug is Tasimelteon and it works by acting on the melatonin receptors in the brain. Research has shown that it could be useful for correcting the circadian rhythm and the sleep disorders associated with it.

         According to the researchers, Tasimelteon can improve a person's ability to fall of to sleep and then ensure that the person sleeps even if the bedtime of the person is 5 hours early. In addition, it was seen that the quality of sleep that people get by using this drug is also very high.

         At the moment, trials are still going on and it will be some time before this drug is commercially available but the chances of it being there is a few years is good news for international travelers and people who work in night shifts.


New Drug to Cure Jet Lag?




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