What Matters Most About Growing Old

What Matters Most About Growing Old ?

What is it that matters most about growing old? Many of us may not ponder on this question until we start growing old but it is something that needs to be asked. Different people have different answers and some of the answers are listed below.

What Matters Most About Growing Old:

When we grow old, we know that death is just around the corner and that is why certain issues become more important than others. Here are some things that matter most to people:

  • Faith suddenly takes precedence over other things. People start asking questions about life after death. There are others who start asking God for forgiveness and want to make sure that the Pearly Gates welcome them when they come to heaven.
  • For others what matters most about growing old are family and family ties. Suddenly older people start looking for ways to renew family bonds and relationship ends up taking a whole new meaning for them. They have regrets and unfinished business and start looking for opportunities to rectify their mistakes; sometimes even reconciling with a family member who they have not been talking to for years.
  • Others who have spent a life time making friends realize the importance of friendship and cannot wait to be among their long-term friends. They want spend time with them so that they can reflect back at the wonderful moments they spent together laughing, talking and crying on each others shoulders. They feel blessed that they have such loving and trustworthy friends that they can depend on.
  • No matter how old a person is, fun is important. They know that laughing is important to living and find ways to have fun; be it reminiscing about good times or looking for something funny that happened during the day.

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What Matters Most About Growing Old