Normal Pulse Rate For Humans  

Pulse rate is a vital sign along with body temperature, respiration rate and blood pressure which are used by the physician to monitor and detect medical problems in human beings.

Pulse is the throbbing of the arteries. It needs to be checked where the artery can be compressed against the bone.

The places where it is usually felt in the human body are at the neck -- the carotid artery, at the wrist -- the radial artery, behind the knee -- the popliteal artery, inside the elbow -- the brachial artery, and near the ankle joint -- the posterior tibial artery. In addition it can also be measure as heart beat directly, known as the apical pulse.   

The normal pulse rate at rest is known to fall in the range as given below:

Age Group

Normal pulse rate at rest

Babies to age 1

10-160 beats per minute

Children (1-10)

60-140 beats per minute

Children (11-17)

60-100 beats per minute

Adults(Age 18 and above)

60-100 beats per minute

Well conditioned athletes

40-60 beats per minute


The effect of stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine is to increase the pulse rate. Hence it is necessary to avoid them prior to taking the pulse.

The increase in pulse rate could be caused by physical activity, anemia, decongestants, fever, heart disease, over active thyroid gland, asthma medicines, and stimulants such as caffeine, amphetamines, diet pills, cigarettes, alcohol and stress. The pulse rate is expected to become slow due to heart disease, heart medicines, high level of fitness, and under active thyroid gland. The pulse rate can get weakened due to blood clot in the arm or leg, disease of the blood vessels, heart disease and heart failure.

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Normal Pulse Rate For Humans




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