How Accurate Are Urine Tests For Uti

How Accurate Are Urine Tests For UTI ?

Apart from checking for diseases like diabetes, kidney problems, jaundice etc, urine tests are also conducted to check for UTI, where UTI stands for urinary tract infection.

A patient suffering from urinary tract infection or UTI could be experiencing burning or pain while urinating; could have a frequent urge to urinate, and could be having high fever too. Under these circumstances, a urine test may be advised to check for UTI.

Different methods such as the dipstick test, which is available over the counter, can be used. Also a urine test can be done where the urine sample of the patient is collected and checked and there is also urinanalysis that can be done where a physical and chemical examination of the urine is done to help detect UTI

When a urine test is conducted it reveals whether bacteria is present in the urine or not along with  the number of bacteria present and a urine test also looks at the count of the white blood cells in the urine. Sometimes even if the test does not show up any infection, the symptoms may still persist and in such a condition another urine test is recommended.

A blood test or an x-ray cannot reveal this infection and urine tests are the best and the most accurate way of detecting UTI. This is a widely accepted method of detecting UTI, and the doctors worldwide are treating the UTI patients on the basis of a diagnosis done by a urine test. Hence, one can be rest assured about the accuracy of the urine test for detection of UTI.

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How Accurate Are Urine Tests For Uti