How Long Does It Take Labcorp For Urine Tests

How Long Does It Take Labcorp For Urine Tests ?

Labcorp is a solution provider for companies that need to get pre employment tests done for the people they want to hire. It has more than 1,600 branches in convenient locations throughout the United States to provide solutions in terms of various diagnostic tests.

Labcorp conducts routine tests for adults as well as kids. It has various tests like urine test, blood test, as well as test for alcohol etc. Apart from the normal tests, Labcorp also offers rapid tests for the patients or employers who do not have much time on hand. Labcorp provides an onsite test as well a test in one of its patient service centers. The tests conducted by Labcorp are in accordance with DHS and DOT requirements.

The Labcorp staff are well trained so that the specimen collection is not a painful process, rather it is safe, comfortable and quick. Since there are all types of tests conducted in Labcorp, the result of a test would actually depend on what the test is being conducted for. If it is not anything complex, then the result may be available in a matter of few days or sometimes it might take some days, as per the complexity of the test.

Apart from a regular urine test, Labcorp also conducts rapid tests which may detect adulteration of urine sample that is brought in for drugs test. The result of the test is directly conveyed to the physician or the employer that recommended the patient for the test, irrespective of whether the test is positive or not.

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How Long Does It Take Labcorp For Urine Tests