What Does 24 Hour Urine Test Show

What Does 24 Hour Urine Test Show ?

There are quite a few things that can be revealed with a 24 hour urine test. When it comes to a sodium test or a potassium test, then one would rely on a 24 hour urine test to check these levels in a patient’s body.

Though sodium and potassium are very important requirements of the body to maintain electrolyte balance, too much of these can lead to high or low blood pressure and low sodium, which is very rare but can also create problems.

Since potassium and sodium coexist with each other, the effect of one automatically passes on the other.

A 24 hour urine test can also show whether the kidneys of a person are functioning well or not. The main function of the kidney is to sift out excess water from the body along with the waste products. This test reveals if the kidney is performing 100 percent of its functions or not and if not, then it would indicate some kind of kidney disease.

Besides this, a 24 hour urine test can reveal information with relation to vaginal infections or kidney stones. It would also highlight abnormal levels of copper presence in the body, if any, which would mean that the patient is suffering from either Wilson’s disease or acute hepatitis.

It can be truly said that a 24 urine test would definitely throw light on a lot of problems and if the symptoms are such where the patient may have to undergo several tests, then it is best to get a 24 hour urine test done for such patients.

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What Does 24 Hour Urine Test Show